Why People Wear Ganesh Pendant With Different Images and Postures

People often wear religious medals such as Ganesh pendant, bracelets, and rings with different images and postures of their Lord. Do you know the real meaning behind wearing images with different postures? Why Lord Ganesh is displayed in many positions? The fact is that Ganesha’s unique body parts and postures describe his character and the qualities that we all should adopt to become a better human being.

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Let’s understand the hidden meaning of Lord Ganesh’s body parts:

Elephant Head – The elephant face with a trunk – this is what makes Ganesh unique and there’s a special meaning attached to it. Ganesh’s face epitomizes sensitivity, compassion, wisdom, strength, and the ability to be strong at any situation. The big head represents both mental power and physical power.

Big Belly – The big belly of Ganesh represents total acceptance and generosity which means we should peacefully digest all good and bad times in life. Our life has many things to offer such as good, bad, pain, suffering and happiness and we should be able to confront everything with a positive attitude.

Trunk – Ganesh’s trunk represent the ‘Om symbol’ and there are two separate meanings if it is turned left or right. With trunk turned to the left means Moon energy channel which indicates the qualities of mind such as patience, calmness, and creativity. If it is shown turned right, it indicates the Sun channel which means attaining ultimate happiness.

Four Hands – Ganesh has four hands and each of his hands symbolizes a different meaning. The hand holding a Lotus symbolizes enlightenment while the one holding a hatchet means enlightenment comes all the past deed. The hand holding sweets represent the rewards of life which means we should never get attached to rewards. The fourth hand symbolizes blessing.

Ears, Eyes, and Mouth – Ganesh has small eyes, small mouth but gigantic ears. The small eyes of Ganesh symbolize the importance of concentration and his small mouth means talk less and to-the-point only. Large ears of Lord Ganesh means we should listen more and our mind should always be open for information.

Why Lord Ganesh is shown riding a rat?

The main reason why Ganesh is often depicted riding a rat is because rat stands for greed. In simple words, a wise human being should control his senses and should never let his greed control him. The rat is a symbol of our senses and they crave for new tastes, new experiences. The wise person always on his senses to keep them under control.

Now, you will be in a better position to understand why people prefer wearing spiritual jewelry as they feel connected to all the positive sides of life and qualities of a wise human being. Some also prefer chanting mantras using Buddhist malas and dig into their inner-self.

Interesting Facts About Lord Ganesh and Jewelry Inspired by Him

Lord Ganesh – the elephant-faced deity is extremely popular in Hinduism and worshiped by many people across the world. The ornaments depicting him like Ganesh pendant, rings, bracelets, and beads are also very popular. The one and only reason behind his extreme popularity is ‘faith’ as people consider Lord Ganesh the protector, the remover of obstacles, and the God of Wisdom.

Here are some interesting facts about elephant-headed God and why people wear spiritual ornaments having images of Lord Ganesh. Let’s get started:-

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  • Lord Ganesh is known to be the God of Wisdom and Power and devotees believe that he removes all obstacles falling their way. This is the reason why people worship him before starting any new work, traveling somewhere or making a huge investment.

  • There are 108 different names of elephant-headed God such as Ganapati, Vinayaka, Heramba, Pillaiyar, Ekadanta and more. and with each name representing some unique quality. For instance, he is popular with the name ‘the remover of obstacles’ which means he always protects his followers.

  • Ganesh is worshiped for a variety of reasons such as wisdom, health, wealth, fertility, celibacy, happiness, and auspiciousness. Even being known through the Hindu religion, he is loved by people from different cultures and countries.

Let’s take a look at what Ganesh symbolizes:-

ganesh pendent

  • The big ears represent that we should listen more while the big head symbolizes a broad thinking.

  • Small eyes of elephant-headed God teaches us to concentrate on what we do and small mouth means we should talk less.

  • One tusk means retain everything that is good and throw away the bad and axe is to cut off unnecessary bonds of attachment.

  • The Trunk represents high efficiency and adaptability while the blessing hand of the Lord indicates that he protects on the spiritual path to supreme.

  • Large stomach symbolizes everyone should happily digest the good and bad in life and Modaka represent rewards of worship.

  • Prasada in his feet means that with your values and positive attitude, you can keep the whole world at your feet and for your asking.

  • The mouse also symbolizes something unique – desire. It means we should control our desires and never allow them to take us on a ride without our permission.

In our next blog, we’ll discuss these symbols to dig more about them and understand the hidden facts behind Lord Ganesh…