Ganesh Pendant – Meaning and Reasons Behind Increasing Popularity

Religious ornaments are popular since ancient times when people used to tattoo their bodies and wore amulets of their Gods or Goddesses. Today, Ganesh pendant is more popular among youngsters since they have started exploring their spiritual side. They have started wearing spiritual bracelets, earrings, rings, pendents, necklaces, bands and more.

Let’s know why Ganesh jewelry is more popular among people and what’s the meaning behind this beautiful collection.

ganesh pendent

Meaning Behind Ganesh Pendant…

Lord Ganesh, also spelled as Ganesha or Ganapati, is often pictured as a charming and elephant-headed God and there are reasons behind his look. The elephant-headed Ganesha is the God of fortune, protection, and good luck and most importantly a blessing upon all new projects. Elephant, despite its size and power, is known as a patient animal. The elephant is also considered as a symbol of responsibility, determination and strength, always defending other members of the group.

You must have seen Ganesha holding a rope, an axe, a lotus and a modak in his four hands and these all things symbolized something unique. The rope represent spiritual knowledge which helps us all think beyond the material world while the axe symbolizes the annihilation of desire. The lotus represents the divine state of self-realization while the modal is the symbol of happiness.

Reason Behind the Popularity of Ganesh Ornaments…

ganesh pendents

Ganesha is the Lord of Beginnings and the remover of obstacles and many people believe that he is also the Lord of Fortune and Success. It is believed that Lord Ganapati provides protection and prosperity the remove all the obstacles of both spiritual and material kinds. Because of these attributes, He is widely worshiped by people across the world, regardless of which caste they belong to.

Lord Ganesh is portrayed in different positions such as seated, standing, dancing or even crawling as a child. Sometimes he is also portrayed seated on his mother Parvati’s knee holding Modak in one hand. In sitting position, he may be cross legged or with one tucked under him and he is often shown seated on his vehicle the humble mouse.

You must be wondering on this awkward combination of an elephant and a mouse but there is a great meaning hidden behind this concept. This combination represents the ability to control the most unpredictable creatures or situations and the removal of all obstacles of any size.

There exist many stories on Ganesha that we cannot discuss in a single blog and therefore I have decided to discuss different concepts in different blogs. In my next piece of writing, I’ll bring to you the meaning of why he is elephant-headed….

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